Technical Resources

View our library of technical resources which have been referenced in PIPA’s Guidelines , Notes and Papers. 

TitleAuthorPublication DateDocument
Suitability of non-destructive techniques for testing polyethylene pipe jointsPostma, P. Hermkens R2012View
PPI TN-60 Inspection of plastic pipes, fittings and joints using non-destructive these methods and evaluation NDT_NDEPlastics Pipe Institute (PPI)2019View
Development of flaw acceptance criteria for welding joints in PE pipesTroughton, M. & Khamsehnezhad, A.2016View
Development of an automated phased array ultrasonic system and flaw acceptance critera for welded joints in polyethylene pipesTrougton, M. Spicer, M. and Hagglund, F.2012View
Development and validation of an automated non-destructive evaluation approach for testing welded joints in plastics pipesTestPEP Report Ref 2437912016View
Detection capabilities of a phased array ultrasonic inspection system for plastic pipe butt fusion jointsHagglund, F. Spicer, M. and Troughton, M.2012View
Assessment of NDE methods of inspection of HDPE Butt Fusion piping joints for lack of fusion with validation from mechanicalCrawford, S.L etal2011View
Application of neuro-wavelet algorithm in ultrasonic-phased array non-destructive testing of PE pipelineBohlouli, R. Rostami, B. and Keighobadi, J2012View
Advanced NDT techniques for plastic pipeline inspectionAssuncao, E etal. 2013View