At PIPA we develop educational materials on relevant industry topics to share insights on the benefits of using plastic pipes and fittings.

Collaborating with our members, industry professionals and global counterparts, we leverage the latest insights and technology, enabling us to educate on the best practice, installation and use of plastic pipeline systems.

We work in partnership with Australia’s industry authorities and governments to advocate for the use of plastic pipes and fittings, sharing educational and technical insights, and where necessary to help change perceptions.


Sustainable Procurement

The Supply Chain Sustainability School have produced with the support of PIPA a short e-learning module explaining what “Sustainable Procurement” means. The module steps you through the concept and relevance of ISO 20400 to Australian businesses. This includes a case study using Australian manufactured plastic pipe, which will assist you to make Sustainable Procurement decisions that maximums positive impacts now and into the future.
Plastic pipes and fittings have transformed the way we live, delivering essential services and utilities to our homes and communities.

Across a range of industries, from civil and domestic infrastructure to agriculture, mining and gas, plastic pipes and fittings play a critical role. They’re effective, efficient and safe. Robust and long-lasting, providing reliability now and into the future.

Key facts include:

  • Best Environmental Practices for PVC are embedded in Australian Product Standards
  • The Australian plastics pipe industry is using less raw material and less energy in manufacturing
    LCA’s consistently confirm the positive performance of plastic pipe over alternate products
  • Australian plastic pipes are being widely recycled and are successfully used in plastics pipe products
  • PIPA member companies have completed the world’s first product specific Environmental Product Declaration (EPD’s) for plastic pipe.

“An introduction to Sustainable Procurement e-learning module” takes around 20 minutes and is free after registration.

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Our industry is committed to responsible sourcing of materials and PIPA is committed to continuing improvement in all aspects of our industry’s environmental performance.

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