Technical Information

Technical Commentaries

Number Issue Updated Title
TC4130 1.0 November, 2003 AS/NZS 4130 Polyethylene Pipes (PE) for Pressure Applications

Technical Manuals

Number Issue Updated Title
TM001 1.0 June, 2008 PE Pipe System Maintenance Guide
TM002 1.0 September, 2009 PVC Pressure Pipe System Maintenance Guide

Technical Notes

Number Issue Updated Title
TN001 1.0 September, 2001 Electrofusion Jointing of Polyethylene (PE) Pipe and Fittings for Pressure Applications
TN002 1.0 November, 2003 Weathering of PE Pipes
TN003 1.0 January, 2005 Temperature Derating of PVC Pipes for Pressure Applications
TN004 1.0 December, 2008 Polyethylene – The Optimum Gas Material?
TN005 1.4 August, 2020 Notes on Hydrostatic Field Pressure Testing of PE Pipes
TN006 1.0 April, 2010 Weathering of PVC Pipes and Fittings
TN007 1.0 December, 2010 PVC and Polyethylene Pipe Systems for Food Transport Applications
TN008 1.1 June, 2018 Chlorine Dioxide Disinfectant for Drinking Water – Effect on Pipe and Seal Materials
TN009 1.0 February, 2010 Field Butt Welding of Rural or Thin Wall Poly Pipe
TN010 1.0 January, 2010 Explanation of Material / SDR Relationship
TN011 1.0 February, 2010 Polyethylene Compressed Air Pipe Guidance Note
TN012 1.0 February, 2010 PVC Pipes at Low Operating Temperatures
TN013 1.0 July, 2012 Life Expectancy for Plastics Pipes
TN014 1.0 August, 2012 PVC Tops Pipe Joints Performance Test
TN015 1.0 September, 2012 Modified PVC Pressure Pipes
TN016 1.0 August, 2014 Non Destrutive Examination of PE Welds – Emerging Techniques
TN017 1.0 September, 2015 Recommendations for Electrofusion Welding Specifications
TN018 1.1 September, 2015 Cross Linked Polyethylene (PE-X) Pipe in Hot Water Applications – Guidance for Determining Conformance with AS/NZS 3500
TN019 1.0 January, 2019 Sandwich Construction PVC-U Non-Pressure Pipe

Technical Papers

Number Issue Updated Title
TP001 1.0 July, 2003 PVC Technical Information
TP002 1.0 March, 2006 Pipeline Replacement Using Relining
TP003 1.0 June, 2009 Specifying Butt Welding of Polyethylene Pipe Systems
TP004 1.0 January, 2009 Plastics Pipe in Water and Waste Water Infrastructure
TP005 1.0 January, 2009 Flexible Pipe Design
TP006 1.0 August, 2012 Long Term Performance of PVC Pressure Pipe

Test Methods

Number Issue Updated Title
SM001 1.0 November, 2003 Method for Assessing the Resin Dispersion in PVC Pipes
SM002 1.0 February, 2010 Low Pressure Air Testing of Pipelines