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TN021Squeezing-off Polyethylene PipesNotes1.0July 2023View PDF
TN020Plastic Pipes and Microbial GrowthNotes1.0June 2023View PDF
Polyethylene for Horizontal Directional Drilling Published by the Plastics Pipe InstituteOther Information1.0August, 1998View PDF
SM001Method for Assessing the Resin Dispersion in PVC PipesMethods1.0November, 2003View PDF
TP006Long Term Performance of PVC Pressure PipePapers1.0August, 2012View PDF
TP005Flexible Pipe DesignPapers1.0January, 2009View PDF
TP004Plastics Pipe in Water and Waste Water InfrastructurePapers1.0January, 2009View PDF
TP002Pipeline Replacement Using ReliningPapers1.0March, 2006View PDF
TP001The resistance of elastomeric seal pipe joints to tree root penetrationPapers2.0January, 2022View PDF
TN019Sandwich Construction PVC-U Non-Pressure PipeNotes2.0April, 2023View PDF
TN018Cross Linked Polyethylene (PE-X) Pipe in Hot Water Applications – Guidance for Determining Conformance with AS/NZS 3500Notes2.0May, 2022View PDF
TN017Recommendations for Electrofusion Welding SpecificationsNotes2.0May, 2022View PDF
TN016Non-Destructive Examination of PE Welded JointsNotes2.0May, 2022View PDF
TN015Modified PVC Pressure PipesNotes1.0September, 2012View PDF
TN014PVC Tops Pipe Joints Performance TestNotes1.0June, 2023 RevisedView PDF
TN013Life Expectancy for Plastics PipesNotes1.0July, 2012View PDF
TN012PVC Pipes at Low Operating TemperaturesNotes1.0February, 2010View PDF
TN011Polyethylene Compressed Air Pipe Guidance NoteNotes1.0February, 2010View PDF
TN010Explanation of Material / SDR RelationshipNotes1.0January, 2010View PDF
TN009Field Butt Welding of Rural or Thin Wall Poly PipeNotes1.0February, 2010View PDF
TN008Chlorine Dioxide Disinfectant for Drinking Water – Effect on Pipe and Seal MaterialsNotes1.1June, 2018View PDF
TN007PVC and Polyethylene Pipe Systems for Food Transport ApplicationsNotes1.0December, 2010View PDF
TN006Weathering of PVC Pipes and FittingsNotes1.0April, 2010View PDF
TN005Notes on Hydrostatic Field Pressure Testing of PE PipesNotes1.5September, 2021View PDF
TN004Polyethylene – The Optimum Gas Material?Notes1.0December, 2008View PDF
TN003Temperature Derating of PVC Pipes for Pressure ApplicationsNotes1.0January, 2005View PDF
TN002Weathering of PE PipesNotes1.0November, 2003View PDF
TM002PVC Pressure Pipe System Maintenance GuideManuals1.0September, 2009View PDF
TM001PE Pipe System Maintenance GuideManuals1.0June, 2008View PDF