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Welder Training Information and Contacts

The welding of polyethylene (PE) pipe and fittings is a critical part of the successful installation and long-term performance of PE pipe systems. A fundamental element of achieving a good weld utilising either butt or electrofusion jointing is the training of the welder.

Key welder training areas:
  • Training provided by the equipment or fitting supplier that is specific to that equipment or fitting.
  • Broad based training provided by Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) utilising the National Competency Standards for butt and electrofusion welding – PMBWELD301E “Butt weld polyethylene plastic pipelines” PMBWELD302E “Electrofusion weld polyethylene pipelines” PMBWELD309E “Weld plastic using extrusion techniques”.
Specific supplier-based training will always be the domain of that supplier and be restricted to a specific product. The RTO based training forms the most commonly used pathway to the development of nationally recognised industry credentials for PE welders. The National Competency Standards provide the high-level competency outcomes that training of PE welders needs to achieve. RTOs develop their training program to achieve these competency outcomes. PIPA does not provide welder training but endorses the reaccreditation of welders every 2 years.
This ensures:
  • The fusion operator maintains currency with standards, procedures, and technological advances
  • Skills of the fusion operator are reviewed and refreshed

Contact a PIPA member qualified training provider


Polysmart Pty Ltd provides polyethylene training in butt welding, electrofusion welding and extrusion welding to a large variety of industries using plastic welding equipment, as well as Quality Control Assurance (QCA).

Polysmart’s training courses cover both the theoretical knowledge and practical application of poly welding, teaching the correct techniques for successful butt welding, electrofusion welding and extrusion welding every time. Courses are written by Polysmart’s own industry expert who has over 28 years of PE pipe welding experience and many Australian and European welding certificates.


PCR Polyweld

PCR Polyweld is a polywelding and training company located in Mackay, Queensland. PCR has been in business now for 11 years with 20 plus years experience in the polywelding and mining industries.

Polymer Industries Australia

Polymer Industries Australia

Polymer Industries Australia Pty Ltd (PIA) provides nationally accredited training for PMBWELD301 butt weld, PMBWELD302 electrofusion and PMBWELD309 extrusion welding techniques. 

PIA customises training to suit workshop and onsite industry needs, including refresher courses, VOC and fabrication workshops. Extrusion welding for PE, PP, PVC materials and socket welding techniques. 

With over 20 years welding experience training in all states of Australia and overseas, providing QA/QC inspection and weld testing services for pipe, liner and sheet welding.

Polyweld Tech Academy

Polyweld Tech Academy (PTW) offers training in certified units of competency for HDPE butt welding – high and low pressure methods PMBWELD301, electrofusion welding PMBWELD302 and extrusion welding PMBWELD309 techniques, including the two year refresher re-accreditation.

PWT is equipped with NATA accredited testing facilities specialising in tensile training of butt welds and peel decohesion for electrofusion welds along with a complete range of QA/QC tests. Offering accurate results utilsing the latest technology and experienced technicians.

PSAH Training and Recruitment

PSAH Training and Recruitment Pty Ltd (RTO #45691) is Australia’s leading registered training organisation providing training in the welding of Polyethylene plastic pipelines. We provide first class training and assessment for PMBWELD301E Join Polyethylene plastic pipelines using Butt welding, PMBWELD302E Join Polyethylene plastic pipelines using Electrofusion welding, RIIHAN308F Load and Unload Plant, as well as industry accredited bi-annual refresher courses, and Verification of Competency (VOC) programs for HDPE Butt welding and Electrofusion welding. Our trainers are certified McElroy instructors and all our training resources and assessment materials have been OEM endorsed.

Irrigation Australia

Irrigation Australia is a member-based, not-for-profit, association and is also a Registered Training Organisation – RTO 91313 (Irrigation Training Australia) delivering a wide range of nationally accredited irrigation qualifications, workshops, and short courses.

Training courses delivered includes the delivery of competencies PMBWELD301E – Join polyethylene plastic pipelines using butt welding & PMBWELD302E – Join polyethylene plastic pipelines using electrofusion welding, delivered as short courses or as part of the Certificate III in Irrigation Technology AHC32419 qualification.

Participants deemed competent after their training will receive Certification in the relevant discipline for a period of two years, then after the two years, Certification will need to be renewed accordingly.

Irrigation Australia also offers recertification training for both of these competencies using a blended training method of Virtual / Online / Face to Face / & RPL.

Phone: (07) 3517 4000