PIPA, Plastics Pipe Industry Association of Australia Limited, aims to advance and promote the increased use and consumption of plastics for pipes and fittings throughout Australia.

Among PIPA’s objectives are:

  • To promote and assist in the development of standards, specifications and practices that help ensure the proper use of plastics pipe.
  • To promote quality products amongst members, with the objective of setting benchmarks for industry practice.
  • To research, collect, interpret and disseminate to members and users, technical information on plastics pipes and fittings and their applications.
  • To enhance the knowledge and awareness of contemporary plastics pipeline technologies amongst specifiers, users and installers.
  • To help ensure that the environmental impact of plastics pipeline systems throughout their life cycle meet or exceed legislative and community standards.

PIPA addresses these objectives with the technical information provided for you. Follow the links below to access PIPA’s published technical documents.

Standards Technical Committees

A key objective of PIPA is to develop and publish appropriate standards, guidelines and specifications for plastics pipes, fittings, valves and ancillary products. PIPA is on the Council of Standards Australia International and is a nominating body to Standards Australia and New Zealand Technical Committees. PIPA members contribute to the development of these standards and guidelines.

Reference to standards may be made by linking to Standards Australia.

Technical Guidelines

PIPA has published a wide variety of industry POP guidelines. Read More

Technical Information

Other technical commentaries, manuals, notes, papers, test methods and information.
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