Technical Guidelines

PIPA has published a wide variety of industry POP Guidelines. Search our POP library below.

POP020Principles of polyethylene (PE) electrofusion welding and assessmentPolyolefins1July 2023View PDF
POP208Specification and testing guidelines for recycled materials suitable for non-pressure plastic pipe applicationsPolyolefins and PVC1.0June 2022View PDF
POP207Installation of Potable Watermains in Contaminated GroundPolyolefins and PVC1.0June, 2012View PDF
POP206Thermal Insulation of Hot Water Pipes for Plumbing ApplicationsPolyolefins1.0March, 2010View PDF
POP205Water Jet Cleaning of Plastics PipesPolyolefins and PVC1.2July, 2009View PDF
POP204Expected Service Life of Elastomeric Pipe SealsPolyolefins and PVC1.0February, 2004View PDF
POP203Identification of Buried Pipe SystemsPolyolefins and PVC1.0December, 2007View PDF
POP202PVC, PP and PE Pressure Pipe Installation on Curved AlignmentsPolyolefins and PVC3 February 2024View PDF
POP201Resistance of Plastics Pipes and Fittings to Water and Wastewater ChemicalsPolyolefins and PVC1.1May, 2013View PDF
POP107Measuring the PVC content in PVC pipes and fittingsPVC1.0October, 2014View PDF
POP106Verification Guidelines for Best Environmental Practice PVC Pipe and FittingsPVC1.0October, 2011View PDF
POP105PVC Pipes in Bore CasingsPVC1.0July, 2007View PDF
POP104PVC Pipe EquivalencePVC1.1August, 2007View PDF
POP103Depth of Engagement for PVC PipesPVC2.0July, 2010View PDF
POP102Solvent Cement Jointing of PVC PipePVC2April, 2023View PDF
POP101PVC Pressure Pipes Design for Dynamic StressesPVC1.4August, 2018View PDF
POP018Polyethylene Drinking Water Pipes in Contact with Chlorine and Chloramine DisinfectantsPolyolefins1.1April, 2019View PDF
POP017Material Requirements for White PE Jacket Compounds Suitable for Long Term UV ExposurePolyolefins1.0April, 2017View PDF
POP016Raised Crack Resistant & High Stress Crack Resistant PE100 MaterialsPolyolefins3April 2024View PDF
POP014Assessment of Polyethylene WeldsPolyolefins1.1August, 2015View PDF
POP013Temperature Rerating of PE PipesPolyolefins3.0July, 2019View PDF
POP010BPart 2: Fusion Fittings for Use with Polyethylene Pressure Pipes Design for Dynamic StressesPolyolefins5.1March, 2010View PDF
POP010APart 1: Polyethylene Pressure Pipes Design for Dynamic StressesPolyolefins5.1May, 2010View PDF
POP007 Flanged Joints for Polyethylene (PE) PipePolyolefins3November 2023View PDF
POP006PE Fabricated Fittings for Pressure Applications Derating RequirementsPolyolefins5.2May, 2015View PDF
POP005Packaging, Handling and Storage of Polyethylene Pipes and FittingsPolyolefins7.0April 2019View PDF
POP004ASupplementary List – Materials Specific to Electrofusion and Moulded FittingsPolyolefins1.13July 2023View PDF
POP004Polyethylene Pipe and Fittings CompoundsPolyolefins39May 2024View PDF
POP003Butt Fusion Jointing of PE Pipes and Fittings – Recommended Parameters and PracticesPolyolefins8.0July 2023View PDF
POP002Polyethylene (PE) Pipes and Fittings for Compressed AirPolyolefins6.9August, 2014View PDF
POP001Electrofusion Jointing of PE Pipe and Fittings for Pressure ApplicationsPolyolefins8.1August, 2021View PDF