TEPPFA explains why flexibility is essential in pipes

The proof is in the research
A recent engineering report by the European Plastic Pipes and Fittings Association (TEPPFA) called ‘Behavior of Plastic Pipe Systems in Response to Dynamic Ground Movements’ has produced findings that could be of immense value to those working in utilities, including water, gas, sewer and telecoms.

Based on technical evidence describing how plastic pipes behave during dynamic ground movements such as earthquakes, tsunamis or landslides, and reviewing a whole range of underground disturbances, seismic events, deep excavations, traffic loading, frost heave, ground voids and other conditions, the report covers information from over 100 independent sources around the world. It concludes that the ability of plastic pipe systems to withstand the stresses and strains of dynamic ground movements far exceeds that of rigid, non-plastic pipe materials.

Learn more and read the full report at TEPPFA’s Discover Plastics site.