Call for papers at PPXX in Amsterdam

The Plastic Pipes Conference Association (PPCA) has issued a call for papers to be presented at its next conference and exhibition, Plastic Pipes XX. Hosted in Amsterdam at the Hotel Okura, this event will be held September 21 – 23, 2020. Abstracts need to be submitted in English by October 22, 2019 and additional guidelines are posted on:

“The main program will comprise approximately 100 presentations relating to the design and development, testing, installation and operation of plastic pipes systems,” stated Sarah Patterson, Co-chair and Technical Program Manager of PPXX. “The papers will detail technical solutions or developments addressing engineering issues using plastic pipes systems or components. Also, papers identifying market trends for future growth of plastic pipes and components will be accepted for consideration.”

2020 is seen as a landmark year for the plastic pipe industry. Zoran Davidovski, Chair of the PPXX Organizing Committee, is confident of further market growth. “Our technology and commerce have always been propelled by ceaseless innovation throughout the entire supply chain. This call for papers is expected to harvest some commercially significant developments from Europe and particularly from North America and China where current growth in demand is significant.”

“New materials, applications and scientific advances are about to change the world of plastic pipe systems in many respects and Amsterdam will provide a global medium for their communication.”

Conference topic areas include market issues, plastic pipeline solutions, application areas for plastic pipes, processing, test methods and performance of plastic pipes and fittings, sustainability and case studies. The full list of key subjects is posted on the conference web page