Review of PMBWELD Units of Competency

PIPA members and affiliates with an interest in the PMBWELD Units of Competency are reminded that the closing date for the submission of feedback to the Australian Industry Skills Committee via IBSA Manufacturing, is Friday 26th October.

The units covered by PMBWELD are:
PMBWELD301 Butt weld polyethylene plastic pipelines
PMBWELD302 Electrofusion weld polyethylene pipelines
PMBWELD303 Install polyethylene (non-pressure) drainage pipelines
PMBWELD304 Design polyethylene (non-pressure) drainage pipelines
PMBWELD305 Install polyethylene plastic pressure pipelines
PMBWELD306 Design polyethylene plastic pressure pipelines
PMBWELD307 Install high temperature plastic pressure pipelines
PMBWELD308 Install PVC plastic pressure pipelines
PMBWELD309 Weld plastic using extrusion techniques
PMBWELD310 Design PVC plastic pressure pipelines
PMBWELD311 Design high temperature plastic pressure pipelines

This is your opportunity to highlight any deficiencies in the current sylabus and to suggest additions or improvements.

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