Revised POP016 and POP004A listed

PIPA has revised and republished two guidelines, POP004A and POP016.

POP004A “Supplementary list – Materials Specific to Electrofusion and Moulded Fittings” has been updated (Issue 1.9) with the latest AS/NZS 4020 certification of Ineos’ injection moulding PE100 grades, ELTEX TUB121 and ELTEX TUB121 N6000.

POP016 “High Stress Crack Resistant PE100” has been revised (Issue 1.2) to reflect the Polyolefin Technical Committee’s acceptance of an alternate accelerated form of the EN 12814-3:2014, 2-Notch Creep Test. The accelerated 2NCT+ test’s correlated time to failure is >195hrs; 90°C; 4N/mmtensile stress; 2% NM5 surfactant.