PIPA publishes an update Industry Guideline POP003 – Butt Fusion Jointing of PE pipes & fittings

Industry Guideline POP003 – Butt Fusion Jointing of PE pipes and fittings – Recommended parameters and practices has now been updated! POP003 has expanded into two sections – Section 1 discusses the recommended parameters.

Section 2 provides guidance identifying key aspects that should be considered when butt fusing PE pipe and fittings. These aspects could be included in specifications or form additional considerations to be addressed during the weld procedure.

The guideline also highlights the value of a welders competency and their dedication to correct surface preparation and weld procedures for a successful butt weld. It discusses the considerations of the competency level of the welder in relation to the criticality of the pipeline and how specifying the minimum competency level required also ensures that quotes or tenders can be assessed on an equal basis.

Download a copy here or view the technical section of the PIPA website.

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