National Construction Code 2022 Public Comment Draft has been released – have your say!

The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) National Construction Code 2022 Draft has been released for public comment. Some of the key areas of change include:

  • Improved NCC Usability (All Volumes)
  • Quantification of Performance Requirements (All Volumes)
  • Verification methods for cross-connection control and sanitary plumbing and drainage pipe sizing (Volume Three)
  • Accessible housing (Volumes One and Two)
  • Lead in plumbing products in contact with drinking water (Volume Three)
  • Early childhood centers and primary schools in high-rise buildings (Volume One)
  • On-site wastewater management (Volume Three)
  • External wall combustibility (Volume One)
  • Bushfire protections for Class 9 buildings with vulnerable occupants (Volume One)
  • Face-mounted balustrades (Volumes One and Two)
  • Rainwater Storage and Services (Volume Three)

The public comment period closes July 2 – you can access the  public comment draft here