Waterways of Singleton

Based in the Hunter Valley of NSW, Waterways has extensive experience in the manufacturing, supply and delivery of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) pipe fittings, piping systems, lining systems, launders, manifolds, overflow pipes, tanks, aquaculture pens, floats and marine structures

Waterways has access to AGRU’s large stock of products used in the manufacture of pipe spools for coal washeries and refinery plants, overland pipelines, pontoons and marine structures, tanks etc.

Waterways employs the latest technology for design, construction and operations, as well as in house destructive testing. They have a certificate IV workplace trainer/assessor. The Waterways group has a large fleet of high quality butt welding, socket welding and extrusion fusion machinery with the capacity to 630mm diameter. Qualification of welding is completed with field comparative tensile and ductile testing and their own internal quality assurance procedures. Operators are trained for welding to DVS2207 and DVS2208 standards.


Waterways of Singleton




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