Polyweld Tech Academy

Polyweld Tech Academy (PWT) offers nationally accredited poly welding courses & training specializing in HDPE (High Dense Polyethylene) butt welding (High- and low-pressure methods PMBWELD301), electrofusion welding (PMBWELD302) and extrusion welding (PMBWELD309) techniques. We also offer two-year reaccreditation courses.

Our highly experienced trainers will happily travel nationwide to a location convenient for your business or conduct them at our Perth or Brisbane training facilities.

The combination of theoretical knowledge and hands-on practice using a range of welding machines, equipped with the latest technology and industry developments will ensure you gain the most experience from your course.

PWT is also equipped with accredited NATA Laboratory testing facilities, specialising in tensile testing of butt welds and peel decohesion of electrofusion welds, along with a complete range of QA/QC inspection services.

Our ability to provide welding training and polymer testing gives us helpful insight into the areas of welding that may require attention, meaning we can tailor your training to make your experience as valuable as possible.


110 Kelvin Road,
Maddington, WA 6109

Telephone: +61 (0)8 9452 3000
Email: info@polyweldtech.com.au