Polymer Direct

Polymer Direct is partnered exclusively with world leading HDPE producer SCG Chemicals (Thailand) to promote and supply SCG HDPE H112 resin throughout Australia.

The unique properties of this high strength HDPE pipe compound is transforming the way pipe systems are designed and operated around the world.

SCG HDPE H112 combines an 11.2 MPa / 50-year MRS with low-slump processing properties, to allow PE pressure pipe manufacturers to produce pipes in diameters that were previously the sole domain of mild steel. These features have ensured SCG HDPE H112 has become the resin of choice in challenging gas, water and mining process water and slurry applications.

Polymer Direct’s Australian headquarters is located in Melbourne.

Telephone: +61 (0)3 8645 3555
Email: sales@polymerdirect.com.au