Poly Pipe Solutions

Poly Pipe Solutions “PPS” specialises in performing Live Excavations (Electrical, Gas and Water) and Live Tie-Ins in PE pipelines for the CSG industry.  Based in Chinchilla with combine experience of approx. 40 years in the CSG industry their other services include Hot Tap Drilling and flow stopping and isolation by means of Squeeze-Off. These processes are performed by highly experienced welding technicians utilising the latest equipment and technology and certified to PMBWELD301B and PMBWELD302B.

PPS also offers ​EPC services in the up and downstream oil and gas sector and construction industry applications involving PE pipe.

​Their scope also includes:

  • ​On site PE welding of pipe sizes from DN63 to DN1200 in all SDR`s, utilising both electrofusion and butt fusion processes,
  • Branch saddle off-take welding in sizes from DN90 to DN400,
  • Providing squeeze-off on HDPE pipe sizes from DN20 – DN315 on any SDR range, single or double block and bleed,
  • Short- or long-term contracts for pipeline maintenance, flange management, preservation, emergency response and/or repairs,
  • Greenfield and Brownfield pipeline projects including civil works, valves, HPV, LPD, DIP and polyethylene pipe fitting installations.
  • Trained and experienced in Clock-Spring’s (Contour Composite) wrapping for damaged spooling.

Some of their clients include FKG, Origin Energy, Arrow Energy, Downers, Clough Mitchell and Concept Tanks.

Telephone: 07 4668 9394
Email: admin@polypipesolutions.com.au