Australian Vinyls Corporation

AVC Trading, (also known as Australian Vinyls or AV) is a leading freight services provider as well as Australia’s largest supplier of poly vinyl chloride (PVC) resins, other polymers and polymer additives and wood plastic composite products.

Based in Victoria, the team has been operating since 1997 and is part of the Wesfarmers Chemicals, Energy and Fertiliser division (WesCEF).

As a freight services supplier, AV specialises in moving bulk shipping containers from the Asian region to Australia. This new service started in 2017 at the request of various customers to assist with their ocean freight requirements and has continued to grow to sectors with freight as diverse as construction, chemicals and leisure goods.

PVC resin is used in a wide range of Australian products such as piping, cable insulation, floor coverings, building profiles, packaging and automotive components. Through its polymer additives division, AV supplies a range of products and chemicals including polymers, processing additives, specialty elastomers, fillers, pigments and stabilisers to the Australian market. These products are imported from a number of international suppliers.

AV fully owns ModWood Technologies, Australia’s leading producer of wood plastic composite products. ModWood uses home-grown technology based on the latest advances in additives for the wood/plastic industry from all over the world. It’s manufacturing plant is based in Campbellfield, Victoria. Its products are made using wood waste and post-consumer recycled plastic milk bottles. It uses in excess of 100 million waste milk bottles per annum.

Telephone: +61 3 8359 7300