Launch of APGA CoP Version 5

Dr Alan Whittle, Chair of PIPA’s PE and PVC Technical Committees represented the plastics pipe and fittings industry at the Australian Gas and Pipe Association’s launch of the Code of Practice for Upstream PE Gathering Networks (CoP) in Brisbane 8 August 2019.

Version 5 of the CoP will be gazetted into Queensland legislation before the end of 2019.

Dr Whittle also provided an overview of CoP Companion Paper CP-03-001, which introduces four variants of PE pipe material, namely;

  • PE100 HSCR – PE100 with enhanced resistance to slow crack growth
  • PE-RT – PE with raised temperature resistance
  • PE-X – Cross-linked polyethylene
  • PE-O – Proprietary mono composite PE pipes with molecularly oriented intermediate layer.

For more information or to download the CoP free of charge, visit the APGA website