Australia’s vast size and large scale water, wastewater and gas distribution requirements call for a wide range of special purpose systems to meet specific needs including the preservation of our environment.

The proven performance of PVC and polyolefin pipe and fittings systems has seen a number of innovative developments, many carried out by PIPA member companies with the cooperation of major authorities throughout Australia.

Agriculture and Rural

Water is the life blood all farming operations and its security is essential. Plastics pipes are available for the wide range of farming applications.

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Electrical and Communications

PVC is ideally suited for telecommunication and power conduits due to its high impact strength, smooth internal bore and large range of diameters.

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Gas Distribution

PE100 polyethylene pipes are used extensively in gas distribution applications world wide.

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Industrial and Chemical

Immunity from corrosion and resistance to attack by many industrial chemicals make plastics pipes the obvious choice for chemical plant installations.

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The use of plastics pipes in mining for water, waste, chemical and slurry transport is extensive.

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Plastic pipes and fittings for plumbing and drainage applications are the choice of plumbers world wide.

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Sewerage and Storm Drainage

The use of plastics pipes for both sewers and storm drains is extensive in North America, Europe and Australia.

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Water Supply

The use of plastics pipes in potable water supply applications has been growing rapidly.

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Coal Seam Gas

Australia’s coal seam gas industry relies heavily of polyethylene pipe for its upstream gathering networks.

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